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The PNO Meeting is aimed to provide a friendly and informal environment to share recent results in nitric oxide and reactive species research in plants and related organisms. The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including NO metabolism and detection, NO signalling, NO in plant growth and development, NO in abiotic stress responses and NO in plant-microbe interactions. As before, this meeting encourages young researchers to present and discuss their results and ideas with the Plant NO community.

Important dates:
- 8th July, 2019: First announcement
- 8th October 2019: Second announcement
- 4th January 2021: Opening of registration and abstract submission
- 31st April 2021: Deadline for registration and abstract submission
- 31th May 2021: Last minute registration (participation only, without submitting an abstract)
- 7th-9th July 2021: Conference!

- E-mail: kolbertlabDOTprotonmail.com
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/PNO8Szeged

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Some recommended hotels nearby:
- Novotel Szeged **** (right next to the venue) (av. 62€/room/night)
- Mátrix Hotel *** (2 minutes from the venue) (av. 48€/room/night)
- City Hotel *** (central location, 5 minutes walking) (av. 53€/room/night)
- Art Hotel **** (central location, 15 minutes walking) (av. 73€/room/night)
- Dóm hotel **** (central location, 15 minutes walking) (av. 78€/room/night)
- Tiszavirág Szeged **** (central location, 15 minutes walking) (av. 113€/room/night)
- Science Hotel **** (20 minutes walking) (av. 52€/room/night)
- Many others on booking.com and on airbnb

Special offers:
Accommodation in Szeged is generally cheaper than in Western Europe, but book as soon as possible to get a room at a reasonable rate!

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Szeged is about 171 km south of Budapest on the M5 highway. How to get to Szeged?
From the Liszt Ferenc International Airport (Budapest):
- Public transportation (bus+train): https://www.bud.hu/en/passengers/transport/public_transportation/trains , https://www.mavcsoport.hu/en
- Private airport transfer:
    - Indicate “PNO8” in the comment (“megjegyzés”) section for a discounted price!
  Pegazus: http://pegazustranszfer.hu/en_EN/online-megrendeles
- Rental car: https://www.bud.hu/en/passengers/transport/airport_transfer_and_other_services/car_renren_companies
- Carpooling: https://www.motar.eu/

Public transportation in Szeged:
- Szeged is an easily walkable city; all the attractions are located in a 10/20-minutes-walk area
- Public transportation system is well organised, for information check http://szkt.hu/en/

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About Szeged

 Szeged is the third largest city of Hungary, the regional centre of the Southern Great Plain. Szeged lies on Hungary's south-eastern border, just south of the mouth of the Maros river on both banks of the river Tisza. It is about 171 km south of Budapest on the M5 highway. It is the lowest elevation city in the country and is known as the "City of Sunshine", because it has the most sunny days throughout the year.
 Szeged and its area have been inhabited since ancient times. Ptolemy mentions the oldest known name of the city: Partiscum. It is possible that Attila, king of the Huns had his seat somewhere in this area. The name Szeged was first mentioned in 1183, in a document of King Béla III.
 Szeged is known as the home of paprika, a spice made from dried, powdered capsicum fruits. Paprika arrived in Hungary in the second half of the 16th century as an ornamental plant. About 100 years later the plant was cultivated as an herb, and paprika as we know it. Szeged's Open Air Theatre Festival held in the summer attracts people from all over Europe. Szeged is also famous for its gastronomy. Its delicious fish soup is known all over the world, and it has its own festival in September.
 Today the inner city of Szeged has beautiful buildings and wide avenues. This is mainly due to the great flood of 1879, which literally wiped away the whole town (only 265 of the 5723 houses remained). Emperor Franz Joseph visited the town and promised that "Szeged will be more beautiful than it used to be" and he kept his promise. During the next years a new, modern city emerged from the ruins, with palaces and wide streets.
 Today's Szeged is an important university town and a popular tourist attraction.
Sources: wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Szeged); wikivoyage (https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Szeged)

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