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List of awards:

Outstanding oral presentations

Farkas, Sophie Z (Msc student): The interaction between nitric oxide and chloroplast iron homeostasis related elements at senescence initiation in leaves.

Wurm, Cristoph (PhD student): Regulation of Arabidopsis Histone Deacetylase HDA5 by Nitric Oxide

Splitted award:
Demecsová, Loriana (Postdoc): Interactions among nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species and auxin during cadmium induced stress in barley roots

Begara-Morales JC (postdoc): Biosynthesis of S-nitrosoglutathione from nitro-fatty acids in plants

Outstanding poster presentations
Poster #9. Drozda A: Is NO regulation of potato gene expression related to Phytophthora infestans resistance epigenetic in nature?
Poster #17. Rodriguez Ruiz M: Unravelling the impacts of GSNOR manipulation on tomato fruit ripening: a transcriptomic and proteomic approach
Poster #19. Silveira NM: Physiological and biochemical responses of sugarcane during recovery from drought as affected by nitric oxide donors encapsulated into nanoparticles

Agrisera prize
Poster #27. Kumari A: New role of alternative oxidase under hypoxia to increase nitric oxide and energy efficiency

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